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Family Soccer

Family Fit Special Needs


Family Fit, we provide a variety of physical education programs and Sports for Special Needs children 4 Years old to 17 years old.

Come join us for a unique experience.

Multi Sport




Family Fit program promotes inner-strength, confidence and self-esteem; a feeling of well-being and respect for others and love for one's self, both inside and out. This is a judgment free program. We focus on basic sport skills and tailor lessons to your child's capacity and abilities. Classes are structured so that your family will be introduced to new activities and stay active. Our Family Fit program helps develop hand/eye coordination, perceptual motor skills, spatial awareness, and also promotes strength, flexibility, coordination body awareness, following directions, self control and much more.


Come join us for a unique experience.

What makes us different? Family Fit maintains a small group ratio of 3:1 so each child has additional support. We will not discriminate against your child because of challenging behaviors.

Playing Soccer
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