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Uniform Shop

Available through Capelli Sport

ISDS TEAM Uniforms & Fan Gear
In Style & Comfort

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Uniforms Are Required:

Visit the Capello Sports Website to Order.
If visiting for the first time follow below;

  1. Go to

  2. Click on any of the ISDS logos below the search bar.

  3. Enter the password ISDS23

  4. Go to the mandatory kit of sport needed and all items should be there with size drop downs.

Got Uniform Questions?

1:  Visit the Capelli Sport website via the button below
2: Be sure you order the correct uniform based on your program
3: Don’t forget to order your cold weather & fan gear

If you have  UNIFORM SPECIFIC  questions, please don’t message ISDS/Hawthorne FC – we honestly don’t know when it comes to sizes, fit, material, etc.

Contact and they will be more than happy (and definitely more in the know!) to help you!

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