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Mini Messi

Everybody has talent, but ability takes hard work.

Michael Jordan


Our Programs

Mini Messi

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Mini Messi Ages 2-3

Mini Messi Ages 4-5

Mini Messi Ages 6-7

Mini Messi Ages 8-10

Soccer Player

Mini Messi 2-3

"Mini's Program"

Come and join our beginner “MINI MESSI” class, which is based on an introduction to soccer!highlights of the program:

  • Using both feet 

  • Eyes up head up

  • Fun educational games(example: red light green light, finding Nemo, hide and seek soccer style, Wizard of Oz, Shrek, Baby shark, all fun themed soccer style games aimed at promoting soccer education & a great way of learning our mini Messi philosophy) 

  • Scoring goals 

  • Playing games

Mini Messi 4-5

"Premier Program"

Work on the more advanced skills & techniques, offered within our philosophy highlights of the program:

  • Shooting drills (bodyguard game)

  • Passing (over the border)

  • Dribbling (finding nemo)

  • Foot skills (super green light 

We combine many games which each have a unique technical aspect to the session. your child will learn fun games, as well as naturally learning soccer skills at the highest level with our unique philosophy.  

Mini Messi 6-7

“Championship Program”

Our championship program focuses more on game-like situations, working on field positions, game awareness, on & off the ball decision making, as well as still remembering all the fun games & skills they have learned since being in our mini program!


Highlights of the program:

We will work on 4v4's (small sided soccer) to enhance your child’s soccer IQ on and off the field.  

Mini Messi 8-10

“Elite Program”

Our all star tournament team is made up of the best players from all of our programs in the nation, state & region, starting at 8 years old, offered to boys & girls. To follow our previous graduates on their pathway to the US National pools, our all star team will compete at high level tournaments during the year & practice once a week with other players from our multiple programs offered on a national level.

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