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Available through Capelli Sport

ISDS TEAM Uniforms & Fan Gear
In Style & Comfort

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Uniforms Are Required:

Mini Messi Ages 2-9 Years Old:

Purple Mini Messi Training Shirt, Black Shorts, Black Socks

(Found on Capelli website below) 


Sr Academy & High School Clinic:

Pink Training Shirt, Pink Shorts and Pink Socks

(Found on Capelli website below)


All Star Tournament Team:

"Mandatory All Star Package " on the left hand side. You will find all uniforms that your child will need for fall, winter, spring & summer. The uniform package has been preselected to save you time and money. All you have to do is order your child's sizes!

Got Uniform Questions?

1:  Visit the Capelli Sport website via the button below
2: Be sure you order the correct uniform based on your program
3: Don’t forget to order your cold weather & fan gear

If you have  UNIFORM SPECIFIC  questions, please don’t message ISDS/Hawthorne FC – we honestly don’t know when it comes to sizes, fit, material, etc.

Contact and they will be more than happy (and definitely more in the know!) to help you!

Use Code: hawthornefc

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