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ISDS Sports Consultation


Our Sports Consultation is available to everyone who is not currently a high level professional athlete and wants to make it to that level. With over 20 years of experience, ISDS has connections to the world of sports. Let us help you be a part of that!

With a 97.7 % success rate, our clients are being seen by clubs all across the world! Here is what we do for you...


1. Connect with all teams and show your Highlights, CV, Resume, Player profile, and Marketing Material.


2. Create your own player profile.

See example here. ( Maximu Tainio Finland National Team U21)


3. Announcement of you joining us that goes out on our social media to hundreds of 1000s of people including Head Coaches, Head Scouts, Sporting Directors, Head of Recruitment along, with your profile.

4. We then work everyday on the phones and emails to get you seen by clubs of associated with your chosen sport throughout the whole world. We work to get you contract offers and to sell you like a HOUSE! We put all of our marketing efforts into you! 


What are you waiting for ? Join us now!


Our Clients


"Working with ISDS sports over the past 6 months has been fantastic and refreshing, seeing the work they puts in to help you in every way I could not ask for anymore. The pride they take in their job is second to none and the personal relationship they bring I’m happy to call them a friend."

                                                                         - Kevin O'Connor

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